Introducing Lunos - idea validation studio

August 2021
Introducing Lunos - idea validation studio

Welcome to Lunos! We’re a digital idea validation studio focused on helping teams create the right product or service for their target customer.

We do this by rapidly testing ideas and assumptions before committing to developing a solution. Doing this reduces the time to learning which means teams get market feedback faster helping to detect potential problems and iterate quickly when it’s more cost effective.

We work collaboratively both in person and remotely, augmenting existing teams and carrying out work using engaging interactive workshops and sprints of work.

We aren't a consultancy or an agency

We see ourselves more as partners to our clients, where we embody their goals and visions to enable them in getting their ideas to market.

We focus on building lasting relationships and becoming an extension of your team. Whilst we work through our process we aim to educate on the approach leaving them with new skills and knowledge.

We’re a team of product and strategy experts who are focused on getting teams ready to build their solutions with a development partner using a mix of research and experimentation along the way.

A quick background

Whilst we're a new business, we've been working in the digital product and service space for 20 years each and Lunos is the culmination of our learning and experience helping bring ideas to market and the challenges that come with it.

Why we do it

Ultimately, making products is hard; the energy and passion at the idea stage of a project is something we really thrive on. However, as human beings, the instinct is to come up with solutions often before fully understanding the problem space, who the solution is for and if they even want it.

This challenge is emphasised further when it comes to developing new digital products and services where assumptions can result in potentially catastrophic results.

When it comes to building the solution with developers there are a variety of curveballs that can arrive at any time to disrupt the flow in getting the solution to market:

  • Technical issues
  • Incomplete or missing requirements
  • Building features that don’t get used
  • Misunderstood or missed user scenarios 
  • Lack of market understanding
  • Marketing and product expectations being misaligned

How we see things

We believe there’s a better way to take ideas to market:

  • Put customers first, understand their pain points and test experiments with them early and often
  • Create an environment for rapid learning helping to refine the concept before development where costs and risk are lower
  • Identify assumptions/beliefs early and test them to gather insights to build confidence
  • Align teams around the idea for greater clarity on how it should be taken to market

Spending focused time in the problem space means teams get greater visibility and understanding about who they’re building for and what problems they have before jumping to building something.

We take clients through an end to end process to get them ready to build their solution with a development partner that’s right for them. Our process starts with looking at the customer-problem fit, then moving to problem-solution fit where we rapidly test assumptions and create interactive prototypes to test with customers.

What’s with the name?

Our founders met at Finnish corporate, Nokia and it seemed a fitting tribute to look for a Finnish word to represent us.

Lunos is based on the Finnish word luonnos which means “draft, sketch, outline, plan, design” which for us are all key parts to taking an idea and making it a reality. As we’ve tested the name it also seems to spark thoughts of lunar and light which also fit nicely with what we’re about.

Have an idea to discuss?

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