User-centred digital product and idea validation

Helping teams rapidly test assumptions and de-risk digital product ideas

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"For anyone with an idea this is an invaluable and cost effective process to bring your vision to life and identify if it’s worth pursuing further."
Donna Bradshaw - Valued founder
Donna Bradshaw
Valued founder

How we help

  • Test assumptions and validate ideas

    Using a variety of frameworks and techniques we help teams rapidly test assumptions through early customer engagement and experiments.
  • Identify customer problems and needs

    Understanding who your customer is plays a huge role in the viability of your idea. We facilitate customer development activity to help you get this clarity.
  • Run experiments without development

    You don't always need to develop things to test assumptions and ideas. Within our toolkit we have many ways in which we support experiments without using up costly development resource.

Who we help

We support startups, existing businesses and product teams looking to validate new ideas and rapidly test assumptions


Idea stage
Early stage
  • Wanting to validate an idea for a new business
  • Define the problem that the business solves for its customers
  • Evaluate who the customer is and their needs
  • Rapidly test assumptions and a prototype with prospective customers

Existing businesses

  • De-risk big decisions or investment
  • Innovate new products or processes
  • Understand why their product is not meeting expectations
  • Improve on-boarding and customer retention

Outcomes and benefits

Get market feedback fast

By testing quickly and without development enables us to reduce time to learning helping to iterate quickly and find what works.

De-risk development

Completing this work prior to starting to costly development helps to de-risk it whilst also gaining clarity on requirements and what to build.

Save time, money and effort

Investing before development reduces the time, money and effort required to get the right product to customers.

Real customer feedback

We focus on being customer-led, talking to real customers to understand their needs and challenges when interacting with proposed solutions.

Clarity on next steps

The results help to define and add clarity on what to build and prioritise how to build it via our product management expertise.

Align your team

Get your whole team onboard with a common understanding regardless of department, making the execution process much easier!

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