Our mission

Help teams make better products faster, by rapidly testing ideas and assumptions with customers

Our why...

Building products that people love is hard
We’ve seen and experienced first hand, many startups and businesses plough headfirst into building an idea without fully knowing who it’s for, the problems it's solving and if anyone even wants it.

We see a need for a rapid, systematic and accessible process to be able to test ideas and more fundamentally; understand customer needs and test assumptions.

There are countless tools and frameworks around, however many have steep learning curves and require deeper expertise to get the most out of them.

This is where we help...
Our small but mighty team

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Delivery partners

We work with a network of delivery partners when clients are ready to build helping to find you the right resource based on your existing team and budget needs.

Our story

A brief bit of our history
Founders James and Caroline both have over 20 years of experience in the digital space and have worked across the full spectrum of ideating, scoping, building, launching and growing a product or service.

We first met whilst working at Nokia (between 2007-2011), when it was more of a dominant force in the mobile world. However, when Apple launched the first iPhone combined with its wider suite of services we got a unique front row seat of the impact on Nokia as it struggled to compete, even though they had a lot of the same capabilities.

After Nokia, we both continued to explore our passion for digital products and services in a variety of ways through working as consultants to startups and existing businesses, client-side and agency side.

Who we've worked with

Our approach

The idea for Lunos is the concept of having specialists that partner with founders and businesses. Working as an extension of in house teams, we enable rapid learning via insights, experimentation and collaboration.

We create a cost effective, faster and smarter way to get ideas into the world that de-risk resources. This may be financial, time, or people. We create confidence when making decisions.

Our aim is to help to create something more likely to succeed, with paying customers and a platform to grow from.

Making sense of it all

We’ve spent years creating digital products and services, working with different tools, frameworks and techniques. Our hunger for constant learning and testing new things further hone our skills and abilities to transfer to the service we offer clients.

We’re aware that one approach does not fit all, as a result we focus on finding the most suitable fit for the given scenario and our toolkit.

Our strive is to make everything accessible to a wider audience by removing confusion and jargon to simplify the process and provide a concierge level of service throughout.

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